Is the New iPhone 4 Newsworthy?

KING 5 News here in Seattle came knocking on my door this morning to get some live reactions to my new iPhone 4. After showing the long lines at the Apple store, they cut away to me standing in my front yard playing with my new toy. The reporter asked me how the new phone compares to previous versions before anything else.

The new iPhone 4 is faster, but the biggest difference is in the screen. While the two screens side-by-side may look the same, they definitely are not. There are four times as many pixels in the resolution of the iPhone 4 than in the 3GS model. That makes for crisp text and clear picture. Using FaceTime to talk to other iPhone 4 users is not only easy – it’s a beautiful experience thanks to this screen.

The biggest downside to the new phone is the display issue with the Retina display. Some phones that have yellow bands or spots on the screen will be replaced, according to Apple. There’s also a cosmetic defect on the phone… if you join your finger and bridge the gap between the two antenna your signal will drop to zero. Apple is reporting that this will be fixed with a software update. The entire perimeter of the iPhone 4 is an antenna. In the spot where there is a tiny gap, some type of short is made and your signal will simply fade to nothing in a snap.

This is my favorite phone by far. Apple controls the software and the hardware. How well the hardware works with the software is what makes something great. Even though other phones may have the same basic hardware, they don’t necessarily have the software to back it up. I will go back to that every single time. If the two don’t play nicely together, you’re going to have a horrible experience.

Thanks so much to the team at KING 5 for coming out to talk to me today.