iPhone 4 Updates

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Well, it’s been about a day since I’ve switched from the iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4, and I thought I’d gather some of my thoughts in video – using the iPhone 4 while I was on the road.

The video came out very well, in my estimation – except I couldn’t control where it was focused (and there was no way of telling how it was focused since I couldn’t see the screen). One solution could have been to use the front-facing camera, but then the footage would have come out at a lower resolution.

I decided (at the last second) to edit the video in iMovie on the iPhone – if only to see how easy it was to do. Indeed, it was easy. Uploaded directly to YouTube from the app, too!

I’ve experienced the same loss of signal when holding the iPhone in a certain way. I ended up zipping over to my local Apple store in order to grab a Bumper. This seems to have helped, although I’m on the lookout for a screen protector and case. Apple let Walt Mossberg know that they will be addressing this with a firmware update in the near future. I’m not so sure that is going to help.

Everything else is working seamlessly thus far. I’ve live streamed with the device, taken photos and movies with it, and even made several calls – none of which have dropped (knock on wood).

Still, the questions remain: what do you think about the iPhone 4 so far? What accessories are you getting? What would you recommend to the rest of the iPhone community?

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