ThinkGeek Must Cease and Desist

Likely the most hilarious story I’ve come across lately is the cease and desist letter received by ThinkGeek yesterday. The letter was sent by the National Pork Association and backed by several notable legal minds. The twelve-page document claims that ThinkGeek has been infringing on the NPAs phrase “The Other White Meat” in their advertising. What makes this so funny is that the product being referred to was an April Fool’s Day joke where our favorite monkeys decided to advertise Unicorn Meat.

There have been a lot of bloggers today screaming about how “dumb” the brass at the NPA must be to believe that this was a real product. I don’t think they believed it was real at all. I think they knew exactly what they were doing. Look at how much attention they garnered today. The C&D states right in black-and-white that they are planning to phase out the use of that phrase. So what, then, is their beef?

Thankfully, ThinkGeeks’ use of the phrase in their advertising is protected as a parody. They don’t have to cease or desist anything at all.

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