Twitter Accounts Hacked by Turkish Hackers

Over the past several hours, more than 1000 Twitter accounts have seemingly been “hacked” into. All of the compromised accounts appear to be owned by people residing in Israel. Each of the accounts now bore messages saying simply “Hacked by Turkish Hackers.”

There is very little information at this point in time, but we will update this post as we find out more. In glancing through many of the affected accounts, one thing does stand out: each of them appear to have very few (if any) followers and tweets sent. I’ve seen many people already speculating as to whether this is just a ploy where someone(s) decided to have fun by setting up a ton of new accounts and then making it appear they were hacked.

As I said, everything is speculation right now. Twitter themselves haven’t even come out to say anything official on the matter. I don’t need to remind you to make sure your password is secure, right?