Would You Camp for a Week to get the iPhone 4?

I don’t know about you, but there is no gadget I want badly enough to do what Justin is doing. I am the Great Indoorsman, after all. I must have my creature comforts! Justin, however, has set up a tent on the corner next to the Apple store in Dallas, Texas. Even though he pre-ordered his iPhone 4, he claims he is going to stay in that tent “for the fun of it.” He cites this as an adventure, and invites people to stop by and visit with him.

Some would say I am crazy, but I say I’m a very determined fan. In fact I just might be one the biggest Apple fans you will actually meet. My setup and location has everything I could need to live for a week, even in the Texas heat. Tent is packed with a sleeping gear, a chair, full ice chest of drinks and food, and the Apple staff have been very nice to me treating me like a king. LOL I also brought a extension power cord for phone charging and things that need power. There is even a portable toilet around the back of the store if needed.

Keep in mind that Friday is just beginning here in the United States, and the iPhone won’t hit the store until Wednesday. Add to that the 100+ degree heat he’ll be living outside in, and you have the makings of a miserable time. However, I have a feeling that young Justin is going to have a blast. He’s going to meet and interact with likely hundreds of people he otherwise never would have. He’s going to have experiences that he’ll remember the rest of his life.

After reading through the thread on the MacRumors forum about this, I have to say how disappointed I am in some of the people there (not that they really care). Even though I see it happen every day, it still amazes me when I see how idiotic, rude and cruel some people can be when they are able to hide behind the relative anonymity of the Internet.

Justin – rock on, dude! Be careful out there, and keep yourself healthy. We can’t wait to watch your adventure unfold.