Turn Yourself Into a Musician with Aviary

Aviary is as “happy as a lark” to introduce their new music service, which they have code-named Roc. You apparently don’t need to have any musical ability at all to create music and beats from scratch inside of your browser. You’ll be able to simulate fifty different instruments and sounds.

The instrument sounds available range from things such as drums, pianos and guitars to harps, flutes and a hammered dulcimer. You’ll have a simple point-and-click interface. You don’t need to understand anything about notes and scales in order to create beautiful works of art. The music creator is simple to use, yet boasts a lot of features, allowing more advanced users to mix and match any instruments – and even record your voice or upload your own custom sounds.

Best of all, you’ll be able to save your creations and download them as an MP3 right to your computer to share with the world.

You don’t have to be a musical – or any other type – expert in order to grab the latest software and apps from our software center.