Google Finds that Users Don't Like Change

We were one of the first to report the exciting news that Google would be allowing us to change our Google home page image. I was personally pretty happy with this change. Millions and millions of us use Google as our home page. What better way to customize our web experience than by having the images we choose staring us in the face with every tab we launch? Google went a step further yesterday, adding colorful images to the main home page for everyone to see. Apparently, some people just don’t like change, and Google has since taken the photos down.

You can still personalize your Google page, but you won’t see pretty pictures in place of the supremely BORING white page. People all over the world threw literal hissy fits about the background. They made it clear they don’t like change. It’s not as if they were stuck with that photo. All they had to do was remove the image, or change it to something of their choosing. Some went so far as to claim that it was a “privacy issue,” since they weren’t given a choice to opt in.

Excuse me? Seriously? If I own a website, I am free to change it any time I want. The same goes for you. A website owner has every right to change their layout, design and theme every day if that’s what floats their boat. Why, then, does anyone have the right to condemn Google for changing theirs up and giving it a much-needed facelift? The people who are stomping their feet and yelling don’t own Google. It is a website, much like the very ones they are whining on. So what if it happens to be the most widely-used site in the world? Does that automatically grant its users the right to claim they have a say in how it looks?

I think not.

Bring back the images, Google. You’ve brought your search into this decade. It’s time to let the look and feel behind it catch up.