Britain's Got Talent: Connected is Connected to Our Community

Boy band Connected made it into the finale on Britain’s Got Talent just a few days ago. These young kids are incredibly talented. As I watched their last performance in the above video, I was shocked at some of the notes the boys managed to belt out as though it was nothing. I know if I tried to make my voice do that, glass things in my office would shatter and my dogs would cower in fear.

Why am I watching this? Two of the boys in the group are cousins of chat room moderator and Lockergnome blogger Dan Wood – better known by most of you as Guru_Meditation. In his offline life, Dan is a prominent disc jokey in London. He has had a hand in guiding this group’s career, and states that they’re already very popular around England. I have a feeling they’ll soon be popular with the girls around the world. Even though they didn’t win the finale, they’re going to go quite far in their musical endeavors.

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