New Twitter Feature to Reveal Relationships

A few moments ago, I stumbled onto what appears to be a new feature being rolled out on Twitter. I had clicked on someone’s profile to see what they were up to, and noticed that just above their list of “following” now appeared one called “both following.” I grabbed a quick screen capture and was chagrined to find that it had turned out a bit blurry. When I went back to try again, the feature was missing. Apparently, the team behind the popular micro-blogging service is still testing things out prior to a full release.

The feature is a major step in showing the direct socialization connections between two people. When you click on any profile found on the site, you’ll find a list of the connections you already share. This information can be invaluable in a number of ways.

While writing this post, I noticed a tweet by Twitter engineer Nick Kallen informally announcing the development. He stated that only about 10% of users have it enabled as of right now. If you aren’t one of the lucky few, you’ll be seeing it within the next day or two.