Reshare Your Favorites on Google Buzz

Our brains are already programmed to hit that Retweet button on Twitter. Now, Google is making it simple for us to do the same thing from within Buzz. The new Reshare button will be rolling out to all users during the next several days. It works much the same as the RT feature does, so users will feel comfortable using it immediately. There’s nothing to configure or install. Just click Reshare any time you come across a post you want your followers to see as well.

Choose whether you want to share a post with all of your followers or just with those you select. This feature only works with public posts, and will not work for those that are private. You’ll find the new button down between “Like” and “Email” at the bottom of your Buzz items. Click to share it out and start new conversations within your group. Add your own comments to the item if you wish. Keep in mind, though, that you will not have the ability to edit the original Buzz item. It’s cool to note that you are no longer restricted to 140 characters, so you don’t need to hack away at a reshared item in order to make it “fit.”

One of the cooler portions of the Reshare feature is the way the items are handled after you click that button. Mashable describes it as: “Once you reshare an item, it will be posted to your own timeline with attribution to the author and a link to the original post (this is the opposite of how the retweet function works on Twitter). Once an item as been reshared, it will update to highlight each of the Buzz users who have shared it publicly and outline the chain of reshares.”

This feature has been much in demand from users, and is already being met with much approval. If you’ve used it already, what are your thoughts? Are you happy with the way they set everything up?