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The folks over at twelvesouth contacted me recently and offered to let me take a look at some of their products. They sent along a couple of BookArc stands. I thought they looked pretty cool, so I agreed to try them out.

The BookArc for the iPad gives you a choice of four different positions to make it easier for you to have the device at the exact angle you need. In “work mode,” the iPad will sit at an angle in both portrait and landscape positions, and provides access to the home button. In “storage mode” iPad sits upright in both portrait and landscape positions, perfect for charging and using your iPad as a stylish photo frame.

I have to say that I love the BookArc for both the iPad and my Macbook. They are designed specifically for these devices, and they fit perfectly. They look great and they do what I need them to. What more could a Geek ask for?

The company also sent along their BassJump subwoofer. It connect by way of USB, and of course I had to demonstrate it for you so that you can hear the awesome sound quality. It connects and is powered by USB cord, so you won’t have extra cables lying around. The subwoofer is nice and small, which makes it nice when you don’t have a lot of extra room.

It comes with a live “beat meter” where you can change the settings to match the type of music you’re listening to. You can adjust the BassJump volume separate from the volume on the original device. It even comes with a carrying case to help you take it on the run with you.

These are a couple of nice-looking products that I’m happy with. I’m looking forward to seeing what twelvesouth comes up with next.

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