ThinkGeek Marshmallow Gun

Our friends at ThinkGeek have done it again! The Marshmallow Mforcer Semi-Automatic Pistol is just one of those items you have got to have. The plastic device packs up to 15 mini marshmallows at a time to help you defend yourself against alien invasions – or to shoot into your cereal bowl.

The Mforcer has a port on the side to load the marshmallows in. Pump the front at least twenty times to load the tank with air. The more you pump, the more force there is behind each and every gooey “bullet.” Fire mallow after mallow in rapid succession until the chamber is empty.

The next time one of your co-workers grabs the last jelly-filled doughnut without seeing if you wanted it, just grab your Mforcer and let them have it.

Marshmallows are not included!