iPhone 3GS to Sell for $97 at Walmart

If you still haven’t bought the iPhone 16GB 3GS, now is your chance. Walmart will begin selling the device in its stores for only $97.00 beginning Tuesday, June 1st. The offer is only good when purchased in conjunction with a new two-year AT&T contract, but it’s still one hell of a deal. The handset has been selling for about a hundred dollars more than that until now. Most people speculate that the reason for the price cut is – of course – due to the upcoming release of the new iPhone.

“It is our commitment to always lead on price,” Mehrdad Akbar, Walmart’s senior category director for wireless, said in a prepared statement about the price change. Although it might seem that the timing is unexpected, it’s really not. When Apple introduced the iPhone 3GS last June, they immediately slashed prices of the previous model. It’s a known fact that when a new model of any (popular) phone is introduced sales of the current model decline sharply. Additionally, Apple has already claimed that Gizmodo’s leak of the prototype iPhone a few weeks ago was “seriously damaging” to sales of the existing handset. Perhaps this move will help bolster sales back to where they hope to be at this point in time.

Another possible theory for the reduced price happening now comes from the rampant rumors floating around regarding the iPhone coming to other providers – such as Verizon or Sprint – later this year. As stated in the first paragraph, this deal is only valid when purchased in conjunction with a new two year AT&T contract. If you’ve been holding out on buying an iPhone because you’re hoping for another carrier to come along, you’re still going to be waiting a little while longer.

If you don’t already own an iPhone, will this price cut convince you to grab one for yourself?