Is the iPhone Heading to Sprint?

Rumors have been floating around the Internet for what seems like forever, speculating as to when the iPhone will appear on the Verizon network. Today, however, TechUpdate says that the phone will be heading to Sprint sometime this summer. According to the story, a Best Buy employee in Pennsylvania told them that displays for the “iPhone 4G” will hit the shelves about the time that WWDC begins. Could this be true?

While I’m not sure we can believe some anonymous Best Buy employee, it does make sense to me. Sprint boasts the only 4G network thus far, offered in selected cities of United States which gives speeds of up to 10 Mbit/s. If the rumor is true, this means that a purported 4G iPhone would actually live up to its name. According to an email received by TechUpdate president Henry D’Andrea:

They’ve begun to grease the wheels for advertising. There is no news in regards to a Verizon version however. In regards to why it is moving to another carrier, our mobile manager speculates that Apple wanted to drop AT&T due to their poor service but managed to opt-out of the rest of their contract in exchange for the iPad service deal.

There is, of course, no proof given to back up these statements. The employee states he cannot supply it due to “privacy concerns” with their vendors. He also refused to identify which Best Buy he works for, in order to remain anonymous… and to keep his job, I’m sure. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Will we be seeing the iPhone on the Spring network in the near future?

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