Best Mac for a Student

A common question, indeed:

I’m Adam Griffiths – a long time YouTube subscriber. Love your videos, and I occasionally jump in the live chat.

I’m in the UK and am heading to University this September to study Computer Science. I currently have a Late 2007 MacBook, 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. It has served me well. I’m debating (1) buying a 15″ MacBook Pro or (2) an iMac and an iPad for portability.

The question I am asking is: which do you think is better for me? A 15″ MacBook Pro with power and portability or n 27″ iMac (the power) with the iPad (portability). Now, if I did have an iPad, the main thing I’d be doing would be taking notes on it. So, it’s not like I believe I could use it in place of a laptop.

One last thing – how is your 17″ MacBook Pro? I have been eyeing it up since I saw your video. I feel it may be too heavy and maybe the screen would be too small for me. I have a 13″ MacBook and use a 19″ external monitor. Maybe I just answered my own question there. 🙂

I would have killed to have any kind of portable computing device with me in college (or at any school, for that matter). You don’t always want to be chained to a desk to do your “education thing,” do you?

My suggestion is to go with an MacBook first (whichever one you can afford most). If you see the value of carrying an iPad separately, it’s definitely recommended for all-day computing and note-taking (with wireless keyboard in tow).

You asked about iMmortal (the name of my current 17″ MacBook pro, as sponsored by PC Pitstop). I should also thank @Outsanity for giving her the name, too. She’s doing fine. I’ve been very happy with her battery life, too. I don’t yet regret snagging the glossy screen model, and the SSD is performing like a champ (though it may need further optimization). Given that I only wheel my accessories when I travel, weight isn’t a factor for me. While I’m on the subject, let me recommend that you also get some kind of knapsack that rolls.

As always, I ask that you go through my own affiliate link for Apple [] for buying something with Apple so that I might get the referral credit for dispensing free advice (which you requested). 🙂