Why Do You Need Social Media?

I had a great time in Hawaii last week. I was there to be a presenter at the Next Level Hawaii conference. Kelly Mitchell and her team did a fantastic job of putting this event together.

The team at Believe and Succeed stopped me to talk about the power of social media and the Internet in general.

People need to know that they’re missing out if they’re not participating. Sometimes, participation can mean just looking and listening. Most of the participation that happens in social media is passive via lurking and watching what’s happening. Ignoring it, however, is only done at your own peril.

There’s a lot that can be gained by watching, reading and exploring. Social media isn’t as “technical” and difficult as some would make it out to be. These tools being used by Geeks can honestly be used by anyone.

Social media as a suite of tools is dynamic and always changing. Twitter may not be around when I hit 80 years old. We don’t know where these tools will go in the future, but they can still help us on a personal and professional level.

Don’t cut yourself off. I have heard a few people say that they don’t feel they need an Internet connection. That’s frightening to me in this age of information and online tools and consumption.

If your business isn’t making use of these tools, you’re wasting time and money. Don’t miss out. Take advantage of what’s out there to help you to succeed.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.