Add Video Into Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Roxanne Darling lives up to her name. She’s a darling woman – one who knows her business well. She spoke with Believe and Succeed after the Next Level Hawaii event last weekend. She is one of the top women in social media, and you can learn an awful lot just by talking to her.

Video is the fastest growing communication medium online. When you watch a video, you get a 3D experience with the music, the message, the visuals, the emotion, and the body language. You don’t get that with text-only communications. Plain-text isn’t bad, but it is limited. Video is alive and dynamic.

With our connection speeds getting larger and faster, online video will grow quickly. Those of you who are already in the video business will have the advantage whether you’re live streaming or recording conversations to share with the world. You can even create episodic tv shows or screencasts.

Sharing your message through video can change how a person is thinking and feeling. It’s extremely powerful. You need to get over your fear of cameras. Don’t think you’re going to be perfect. You just need to be you, and be real.

According to Roxanne, you need to remember the words to a song: “Come join with me.” She invites you to join her in the social media space. Be your own marketer. Get yourself out there. Use the immediate and real-time tools to connect.

I have to thank Bruce and his team at Hawaii Aloha for helping me once again make the trip down to paradise.