Which Photo Book Printing Service is the Best?

Jason Dun is likely either the craziest man on the face of the earth… or the most dedicated one. I received an email from him not long ago to tell me of an extensive and exhaustive photo book review he had written. I admit that I am not a superstar. I couldn’t get through all 15,000 words. However, I did get through quite a lot of it. I learned a few things, and wanted to share this awesome work with you.

The entire project started in early 2009 when Jason’s wife learned she was expecting their son. Jason wanted to create a unique and amazing baby book for Logan, and spent countless hours creating something magical. “I had painstakingly created all the pages in FotoFusion, exported each page as a high-resolution JPEG file, and dropped the images into full-page layouts. I incorporated my green-screen scanning technique to add objects to the book, and once I was finished – a process that took eight months of work and around 200 hours in total – I had the book printed with Picaboo. The results were a complete disaster.”

He knew there had to be a better way, so he set off to research. He learned pretty quickly that there really are no (until now) comprehensive reviews to be found comparing photo book print services. He knew it would be insane to take on such a task himself. After all, it could require a lot of money – and even more time. However, Jason is a crazy man and he dove in to this project lens first.

The result is a work of art itself. He has broken down the review into twelve separate print services and gives a very insightful (and detailed) look into the process he went through. In the end, he chose to use the book printed by Inkubook. He stated: “…and it boils down to this: when I pick up the Inkubook version of this baby book and flip through it, I feel like it’s a good representation of the effort I put into creating the book in the first place. That’s about all you can ask for, right?”

Well done, Jason. This review is sure to come in handy for many people… and will provide companies with much food for thought as to how they can improve their services.