iPad Helps Vision-Impaired Elderly Read

Virginia Campbell suffers from glaucoma. This condition caused her to give up her favorite pastime years ago – reading. Books had always been an important part of her life, so losing the ability to read well as her eyesight deteriorated was an increasing frustration. However, the iPad has given Virginia the ability to read again thanks to the large display and easy-to-adjust features.

With the tap of a finger, Virginia can increase text size to help her see the words properly on any page. Being able to adjust the brightness of the screen and hold the iPad at different angles further enhances the media she is looking at. Not only have these functions given her back her beloved books, she’s also writing limericks using the iPad, such as:

To this technical-ninny it’s clear
In my compromised 100th year,
That to read and to write
Are again within sight
Of this Apple iPad pioneer.

Ms. Campbell has never owned a computer of any type. The iPad is not just the first such device she has purchased. It’s also literally changed her life.