It's Raining Laptops

You’re probably wondering where this laptop rain is at so that you can head over there and try to catch one as it falls. It’s actually not a good thing when laptops randomly fall from the sky, though. Someone could get hurt – or even killed. By now, you’re likely doubtful that such a thing is even possible. 10-year-old Grayson Peterka knows for a fact it is.

Grayson was attending a family picnic on Saturday evening when a laptop fell from the sky and landed only a few inches from him. Had he taken a single step in the nanosecond before the device hit the ground, it could have landed right on the child’s head. “At first you think its kind of humorous and then you think about it for a little bit and you go ‘Wow, he could have really got hurt,'” said his father Mike Peterka.

The family’s home sits three blocks and across the Mississippi River from St. Cloud Hospital. A Life LInk helicopter had just dropped a patient off and taken to the skies again. Apparently, a crew member failed to bring the notebook aboard. Instead, it was left sitting on the helicopter’s skid.

The hospital has apologized profusely, and the family knows that accidents do happen. They are very grateful that no one was harmed. However, the FAA is looking into the matter. While little Grayson may have something “cool” to tell his friends at school this week, this could have been a real disaster.

Photo credit to WCCO news.