iPad Stand

Jill Yamamoto asks:

I notice that you have a silver stand holding up your iPad in the live stream. May I ask what model that is and where you purchased it? I pre-ordered a 3G iPad and I’d like a stand for home use and a cover/stand for mobile use. For the mobile cover/stand, I’m looking at a Bookstand. Apart from the unfortunate color, it seems to have all the features I’m looking for. For now, I expect I’ll be setting up the iPad mostly at my desk while I learn about it.

It’s a Griffin A-Stand, and they sent it to me to review. My take? It works quite well as a stand, and accommodates the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode. I’ll be demonstrating it in an upcoming video, too (as I just recorded the official assessment tonight).


Moreover, the A-Stand blends well with the aluminum frame of the iPad! It seems like a natural extension of the device – moreso than the craptacular iPad case that Apple “developed.”

There are certainly going to be several stands in the marketplace, but I’m pretty happy with this one. The up-front Griffin logo is a tad unnecessary, but the stand is certainly functional.

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