Seattle Dinner at Black Pearl

Dinner Entry

@chrispirillo going in for some delicious @BlackPearlSEA pot ... on Twitpic

It’s another Seattle Tweetup! Thought I’d show you a snapshot of what’s on the menu for tonight.

This particular event is being hosted by BlackPearlSEA, NorthESea and Seattle_Events. I was too busy eating to write much, but Northeast Seattle Life has a nom-nopsis. Contributions for the event were provided by: BlackPearlSEA, NWTotemCellars and GRLakeWine.

Also in attendance:

  • @tarynmiller
  • @JenKMiller
  • @MyPartini
  • @bananablossom
  • @posiegirl
  • @colbyjn
  • @hnlmark
  • @chefamadeus
  • @belvoir