How to Get a Camera on the iPad

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One of the biggest shortcomings of the first gen iPad is the fact that it has no camera. There IS a workaround if you happen to have an iPhone. You’ll need two apps in order to make this work. One is free, the other is ninety-nine cents. The apps are called Camera-A and Camera-B. Once you get them, it’s pretty easy to start snapping pictures.

The Camera-A is installed on the iPad, with Camera-B being on the iPhone. I enabled Bluetooth so that they could see each other. Once everything was all nice and connected up, I was able to use my iPhone camera to broadcast on my iPad.

It gets better! I can’t really control anything on the iPhone. But, on the iPad I have the ability to take a photo and save it to the iPad. I also can save to the iPhone library if I wanted to.

If you’re looking for a monitoring device or a way to get photos directly to your iPad, this looks to be the best solution out there. It’s ugly and inelegant but it works. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection takes a bit to get going, but that was the largest drawback.

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