Top Ten Crazy Paint Jobs for Cars

Forget trying to be like everyone else. The cool kids know that originality is where it’s at. We want to stand out in the crowd, right? What better way to do so than by giving our vehicle the ultimate paint job? All of the cars in this post have one thing in common, though: I wouldn’t be caught dead driving them. Yes, I want to be original. Yes, I want to be creative. No, I don’t want my car to be the cause of a massive pileup on the interstate. Imagine everyone rubber-necking to see the rack on the car passing them in the left lane!

This car… what can I say? It seems so cliche to simply write “it has a nice rack.” Well, I can’t help it. It DOES have an awesome view.

Have you ever dreamed of having a body other than the one you currently walk around in? Why not paint it on the door of your car?

If only this beautiful feline was white instead of yellow. I could crack a joke about someone loving Snow Leopard a little *too* much. Let’s just say that the owner of this car seems to be desperate to let their inner kitty out.

If this graffiti job was done intentionally, I’m thinking someone may be stuck in the 1970s. Credit for this graffiti job goes to the team at GraffHead.

Not even my assistant Kat would get in this car, and she’s a fanatic for anything with kitties on it. Just… no.

This is a car our friend Drew Olanoff may like to drive. The detail work on this car IS astounding. Can you see me doing this to Vader?

This car scares me, honestly. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look like a pile of garbage. I am hoping it was an accident. It definitely stands out, though.

What person in their right mind would DO this to a Corvette? It’s wrong… very, very wrong.

Dude! I think I saw this car parked on the corner when I drove through Chicago a few years ago.

I’ve heard many people state that they feel truck drivers own the road. This particular driver actually DOES own it.

What are the craziest paint jobs you’ve seen on a motor vehicle? Is YOUR car decked out to grab attention? Show us a picture of it!