Comments on: What Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Do You Recommend? Geek Culture & Tech Expert: How Can I Help You Today? Wed, 25 Nov 2015 01:28:28 +0000 hourly 1 By: Billy Wed, 28 Jul 2010 22:01:09 +0000 Personally I hate most things wireless !
Like 360/PS3 Contrls

Why ?

Well two reasons come to mind straight away.
#1. “Range” I noticed when I need it to work (it don’t).
#2. “Batteries” Even though I have 8 sets of AA & 2 sets of AAA rechargables, I still find myself needing batteries & I hate-hate-hate that.

By: Alan Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:13:42 +0000 I have used a variety of battery operated wireless keyboards and mice. I should really open a shop and sell them all because they take up too much room stacked up in the corner.

Any mouse and keyboard both connected to the PC by cable with PS/2 plugs attached is the only sensible answer. They never need charging and last for years.

By: JT Wed, 07 Apr 2010 01:28:33 +0000 I prefer the Logitech Trackman Wireless Mouse and am in love with it because it is very comfortable in my hand. As an etra added bonus whenever anyone else sits in front on my computer they feel strange and cannot get used to the idea of moving the Trackball instead of moving the mouse…LOL

I wish that Logitech had come out with a smaller notebook version of this mouse. Alas, they have not so I am using the Kensington Trackball Mouse for Notebooks but it just doesn’t come close to the Trackman.

By: Acceber Tue, 06 Apr 2010 23:21:46 +0000 I have a GE wireless laptop miniature laser mouse that works just great: it’s very efficient on batteries, slides smoothly and reads very accurately. The only problem is that it seems to get lost quite a bit. Also, it’s very delicate, so I have to be careful when opening it so as not to crack the cover.

It’s an attractive, small mouse that often can go close to two months on two AAA-alkaline batteries.

As for my keyboard, I sadly don’t have a wireless one yet but am considering upgrading.

By: Steve Tue, 06 Apr 2010 22:12:41 +0000 I have a big negative on Logitech wireless keyboards. The company does not support later generation operating systems. Keyboards designed for Windows XP generally will not fully function with Vista or Seven.

By: luvpez Tue, 06 Apr 2010 21:55:03 +0000 I use the Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard. I love the feel of it and best is that I rarely have to charge it. I seems to just go on and on and on. (Down side it gets “smudgy” easily and I am always wiping it off)

Lately I have been using the Microsoft Explorer mouse, which has a nice feel to my hand. I go through mice pretty fast though so I will probably be trying the next “best thing” soon.

But I think, honestly, anything that will point and click and type correctly is good. LOL

By: Floyd Tue, 06 Apr 2010 19:31:19 +0000 My wife has a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combination that she uses with her Macbook. She didn’t like the track pad or the flat keyboard; will Steve Jobs get upset about this?

There are several Logitech keyboards with mouse and pointing device combinations out there, along with Microsoft equivalents. All are Mac and PC compatible. Go to a computer store and try some of them with your PC or laptop. If Micro Center is in the Northwest, check them out, as they have a broad range of keyboards and pointing devices.

By: Daniel Meyer Tue, 06 Apr 2010 17:47:15 +0000 I’m gonna get flamed for this, but I use the Apple Aluminum keyboard. Why? Simply because the keys are the same as my MacBook and I don’t have to relearn the feel of the keys when I get home. Not saying it’s the best or anything. I don’t do a whole lot of typing, so ergonomics isn’t a huge deal.

By: David Tue, 06 Apr 2010 17:00:22 +0000 I’ve been through six sets of wireless keyboard/mice on my main box(es) in the last few years. My latest is definitely the best I’ve used to date, replacing a kludged combo of a Gateway-branded wireless kbd and a Logitech wireless mouse.

My current wireless combo, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000, suits me well. The keyboard has a good, solid feel and all the extras I want. The Function keys are a bit small and labeled with their default specialty functions, rather than F1-F12, but that’s not such a big deal. The “5-button” (4 buttons and a scroll wheel) mouse has taken some getting used to, mainly because the scroll wheel is so very, very smooth in action. The tracking is as good as M$ promises with “bluetrack”. Both the mouse and kbd have some very nice rubberized areas for “palm” (really heel of hand) resting. Comfy.

Battery life seems good. Been using the set for a month on its first set of AA batteries. (I didn’t use the set that came with the units but popped some NiMH batteries I had out of their charger into the units.)

All-in-all, I can see this set NOT joining the stack of superseded sets any time soon.

By: Danny Tue, 06 Apr 2010 15:56:32 +0000 I have the Logitech S 510. You mentioned in the video how the keyboard and mouse fit or match your monitors. My keyboard and mouse fit well with my Asus monitors and case, which are mostly black. Appearance aside, the keyboard has a good deal of functionality. I use the music player, mute and volume, and zoom buttons, and programmable F keys. I tested out the range of the keyboard and it’s amazing. It will definitely work if you’re in the same room, even big rooms. Mouse has a scroll wheel that tilts and it works wells. It’s the only wireless K & M I had and it’s great