Air Hockey on the iPad

Air hockey has long been one of those games that everyone seems to enjoy playing. Starting tomorrow, you’re going to be able to play right on your iPad or iPhone. The full app created by Acceleroto will cost only 99 cents, with a free “Gold” version available, as well.

I know the younger generation is going to be all over this app. However, I’m willing to bet that many adults are going to grab this little gem for themselves. Go ahead – admit it. You love air hockey as much now as you did when you were younger. I know I do!

According to the official app description, you will have the ability to play against others via Bluetooth support. Alternatively, you can have two players using the same device. There doesn’t appear to be any type of way to play against a fake opponent, which is a shame.

When your iPad shows up on your doorstep tomorrow and you’re busy downloading apps for it, be sure to grab Air Hockey for your collection.

Thanks to TUAW for bringing this app to our attention.