Top Ten Features of Safari on the iPad

Many of you have been using Safari on your Mac or PC for quite some time. You may love the way it looks and feels, or even adore the speed at which it runs. However, I have a feeling you’re going to love Safari even more on the iPad. There are several little quirks and tricks built in to the browser experience for use on the iPad that I think are going to be a huge hit across the board.

  • The larger screen will allow you to view entire web pages at once, unlike what you see on smaller mobile devices.
  • To open a link found on any page, simply tap it. In the case of a URL shortener or “disguised” link, you can tap and hold to see what the url is prior to actually opening it.
  • Rotate your iPad to change easily for Portrait to Landscape view, and Safari automatically adjusts itself to fit your entire screen.
  • Tap the + sign on any page to quickly add it to your bookmarks.
  • Flick your finger across the screen to scroll up or down a page.
  • Pinch your fingers on the page to zoom in or out.
  • The text will be large enough on the screen to actually see and read it easily.
  • The Thumbnail view allows you to see all of the pages you have open in a small grid pattern. This lets you quickly change from one site or page to another.
  • Safari on the iPad supports the latest video innovations found in HTML5. You can watch compatible videos from within the page, or double-tap them to watch full screen.
  • Sync your bookmarks from your Safari install on your Mac or PC. It only takes a moment. This ensures that you always have your favorite sites right at your fingertips.

Don’t get me wrong: Safari works great on other devices and machines. However, from the looks of things in this video, I think it’s going to be an even better browsing experience on the iPad when it gets here.