Seattle Wine Time!

Washington Wines are tasty!

Seattle Wine Time

  • Tried @LatahCreekWine at #WAMerlot: very light, very smooth. Scrumdiddlyumptious!
  • Tried “Shameless Hussy” @hardrow at #WAMerlot: sexy; it’s nibbling my tongue.
  • Tried ’07 “Traditions” @milbrantvino at #WAMerlot: very cherry, calm splash against my twaste buds.
  • Tried “Reserve” @MaryhillWinery at #WAMerlot: it’s like a summer day picnic without humidity or ants. Thanks, @SeaWineOutlet!
  • Tried ’03 @wilridge at #WAMerlot: an isosceles triangle outlined with mistletoe. It’s a left-handed mathematician.
  • Tried ’07 @HestiaCellars at #WAMerlot: A Soda Popinski body blow to my Glass Joe palate.
  • Tried ’07 @PepperBridge at #WAMerlot: cheeky little bastard, this one. A bit manic, bordering on wallflower. Twasty!

I had a fantastic time at the “WA Merlot” tweetup, as you can tell from the above tweets (posted in real-time through my Twitter account and recorded here for posterity)!