Unlock Hidden Windows 7 Themes

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Why would you want a theme on your computer, anyway? There are several reasons you might choose one… the most common, though, deals with the way things look. You want your colors and icons to look good to your eye. Themes will make sure that everything matches and scales well together and gives you an environment you can really work with.

This screencast was created by Joshua to help you learn how to unlock the extra themes found in Windows 7.

Open a Windows Explorer window, and click on the Organize tab at the top. From the drop-down menu, choose Folder and Search Options. In the View tab, make sure that “Show Hidden Files and Folders” is selected. Now you’re going to want to type this into the address bar at the top of the Explorer window: WindowsglobalizationMCT.

This will open a window that has five different folders contained in it. Click the first folder open, then scroll down and open up the Theme folder, and you’ll see the theme in there. Each of those five folders have a theme inside.

If you still aren’t happy with any of the themes you’ve come across, maybe you should try your hand at creating your own. Once you’ve customized your new theme, you can share it with others. Save it in a .themepack file format and email it to others, or send it via social networks or on an external hard disk. There are also several other themes to look through on the Windows Personalization website.

These extra themes are simple to install to your themes directory, and they’re all gorgeous. Your computer will pop – your background will come alive. Okay, perhaps it won’t exactly come alive. But it will look better, I promise!

Thanks, Joshua, for this screencast. Well done!