Dancing Monkey Robots

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During SXSW, Imei happened to come across one of the most innovative – and interesting – booths I’ve ever seen at a conference. She had to stop and take a video, to show all of you what you were missing at the conference.

Monkey Wrench Design has a very cool philosophy. They state that they “build to think, and think to build. Making things is a lost art, as technology has replaced skill. Monkey Wrench Design has managed to capture and understand the dying art of the physical thing in a digital world.” The company has a good point. In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, it seems as though the art and beauty of building things no longer is important to anyone.

The first thing you see in the video is Dancing Monkey Robots. Monkey Wrench Design can bring your dreams – and your imagination – to life. With the Dancing Monkey Robots, the team had an intense project on their hands. They wanted something fun to show off at SXSW to help their booth stand out. Each monkey has a servo motor to control rotation and a solenoid that moves the arms up and down.

Monkey Wrench Design takes on the challenge of the seemingly impossible, turning ideas into real objects of beauty and innovation. No idea is too large or small, and nothing is impossible according to the team at MWD.

I have to thank Imei for all of her help during SXSW, as well as AMD for helping me attend the show.

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