Starfall for Beginning Readers

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During Gnomedex, we held an open mic period where attendees could come onto the stage and pass along resources that the rest of us might not know about. Now, I know that this particular video will not interest many of our younger followers. However, it is a FANTASTIC resource for those of you with young children in your lives! If you don’t have kids of your own, forward this on to someone who does. I promise that they’ll thank you for it.

Starfall can help a child learn to read, or improve upon the skills they’ve already gained, by using phonics. There are several different stages on the site, including ones for children just learning their ABCs all the way up to activities for kids who can already read basic words and sentences.

This is an excellent way to boost your child’s skills in a fun environment.

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  1. My son has been using the starfall website since he was old enough to crawl. He started using it by sitting on our lap and letting us navigate using the mouse. Later on he learned to use the mouse on his own, and started reading before he was 2 years old. I contribute a large majority of his reading success to the starfall website. It is awesome.

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  3. I think Starfall is a great resource for little kids. There are also sites that target slightly older readers with longer stories and books.