What is the Square?

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Dom was gracious enough to take the time to introduce me to what could be the hottest new item soon to hit the marketplace. The Square is a little device which is bound to change the World.

You can start accepting payment cards immediately with Square, right from your mobile phone. There are no contracts, monthly fees, and no hidden costs. You can read the credit card payments not only from your phone, but from ALL devices that have an audio input jack. Just plug the Square into the jack, load up the simple-to-use interface, and swipe the card in question.

You can use The Square to pay for things, as well. You can have receipts sent to you immediately via text message or email, or you can access them securely on the website. You can even use a text message to authorize every payment in real-time!

Best of all, Square will donate a penny of every transaction you take in to a charity or cause that you choose. Their motto is “Working together to better the World, one small step at a time”.

Dom has also written an excellent book about the history and practical use of Twitter – 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form.

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