Windows Phone 7

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First, if you have any questions for the Windows Phone 7 Series team, I’d be more than happy to ask on your behalf (as I do live around the corner from Redmond’s campus and will be meeting with the team again at some point in the future). Post a comment and/or video response.

I was invited to a behind the scenes look at elements of the Windows Phone 7 Series developer platform. At Mobile World Congress (covered earlier in this channel), Microsoft provided a first look at Windows Phone 7 Series – and I’m pleased to offer you the opportunity to see a live demonstration up close.

Yes, I got to play with the phone, too. It works as advertised – even as a prototype. Unfortunately, we could not adjust the brightness settings in this particular device. The “Metro” interface is a bucket of win in my book.

Charlie Kindel – partner group program manager, Windows Phone App Platform & Developer Experience – was hosting an intimate reception this evening in San Francisco. I wasn’t able to make it, but Microsoft arranged a somewhat more private meeting with Greg Sullivan from the Windows Phone team a little closer to home.

I met Greg a few years ago through the Longhorn Labs project (back when Microsoft Windows team leads worked actively with their most vocal community supporters). I’m not sure if I can reveal any more device details at this point, but suffice it to say…

I want one.

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