Internet Society

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What kind of impact has the Internet had on you (personally or professionally)? Do you remember what life was like before the Internet? Could you imagine your life without the Internet? Could you imagine a world without the Internet?

Michael sent an email to me. He’s a high school student, doing some research on the Internet. Specifically, he’s writing about how the Internet has changed the World. He claims that I am pretty knowledgable about this particular topic. I beg to differ, but will do my best to help him out! He has a few questions he wanted me to answer.

  • In your opinion, what is the best benefit the Internet has given us as a society? – To me, it’s all about information access. When I was in high school, the Internet didn’t exist the way we know it now. It was a true eye-opener the day I realized what type of information I would have at my fingertips thanks to the ‘Net. Information is power, and the global community has become a lot more powerful, and a lot more aware. We are easily able to discover a lot more than we were previously able to.
  • In what ways has the Internet negatively affected the way we interact? – Chances are, you could go to the page where you found this video, and see people leaving idiotic and rude comments. They do this simply because they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet. Many people feel that they can lose all social graces when they are online, and treat people like utter crap. I, however, always try to treat people online the same way I do in my physical life… with respect.
  • If someone who doesn’t know anything about the Internet asked you what the main purpose is of the Internet, how would you respond? – Connection… either to information, or to people. The Internet is a lot like a screwdriver. It’s a tool, which can be used for good – or bad. If you’re not using the right tool for any particular job, you won’t get very far. The results won’t be what you expected them to be. If you don’t respect and understand that this tool that connects you to information and other people, it could have disastrous results for you. The Internet is empowering.

If you are doing any type of research project that I may be able to help with, feel free to shoot me an email with your questions. Also, I’m interested in hearing what YOUR answers are to the above questions. Feel free to leave me a comment here, and let us know your thoughts.

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