Smart Technologies Hands-on Demo

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I don’t know about you, but I love being able to interact with technology using my fingertips. Perhaps I would have paid more attention in class if the teacher was using something like this SMART Board!

Two can be better than one when it comes to using the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. With the SMART Board SBD600 series, two people can work on SMART Notebook software files simultaneously, using their fingers or a pen. The press of one button in the SMART Notebook toolbar creates two separate workspaces on the board.

After this video was uploaded to YouTube, I received an interesting email from Adam:

I noticed that you did a video on Smart Boards. I am from England the land of tea and scones.. Back to my main point… all British Education schools have one smart board in every classroom!-

I being my self is enrolled in secondary education at a school of excellence in the England (Summerset)- How do you think the UK Education system fares to one of that its American Cousin?

I know that Americas has some few high high grade schools like we have Oxford , Edinburgh , Uxbridge and the Royal Business school. ( The Royal School of nursing , the royal school of science and plenty more Royal schools… What does the USA have aside of the ones stated by me?

I do not want a country war “Who is better” I just have a general interest *

If you’re from the United States – or any other country, really – what answer would you give to Adam regarding his question about education??

This video was recorded by Kevin during Macworld 2010.

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