Science Commons Symposium

Today I am honored to be attending – and streaming – the Science Commons Symposium, held on the Microsoft campus. In the spirit of Creative Commons Salons – global, informal events focused on bringing together the community around a central topic or focus – Science Commons will be holding a day-long event today in Seattle. The event will aim to bring a broader understanding on the term “open” and all of its flavors when applied to science. From Open Access publishing and data sharing efforts, to more transparent ways to conduct bench science and the various “open”s (data, science, access) – the benefits of implementing “open” approaches to science are not only gaining visibility but also generating a buzz in the community.

There is an all-star list of experts and leading minds to shed some of their wisdom on these very topics with us — all united by a common passion for knowledge sharing in its various applications and definitions. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

I will be updating this post throughout the day to include links (both audio and video) to the various presentations. As soon as each one ends, my assistant will be pulling the video from Ustream and re-encoding it to get it onto our various channels as quickly as is possible. Keep checking back here so that you can watch the presentations that interest you the most!

  • Cameron Nyelon is a biophysicist who has always worked in interdisciplinary areas and is a leading advocate of data availability.
  • Jean-Claude Bradley is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and the E-Learning Coordinator at Drexel University. He leads the UsefulChem project, an initiative started in the summer of 2005 to make the scientific process as transparent as possible by publishing all research work in real time to a collection of public blogs, wikis and other web pages.
  • Antony Williams is a leader in the domain of free access chemistry. He is the VP of Strategic Development for the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the founder of ChemZoo Inc., the original host of ChemSpider prior to acquisition by RSC.
  • Peter Murray-Rust is an accomplished chemist, a faculty member of Churchill College at the University of Cambridge, a leader in the Open Data movement, and a founding member of the Blue Obelisk organization. Peter Murray-Rust brings an interdisciplinary approach to research in several interesting areas.
  • Heather Joseph is the Executive Director at SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. She leads SPARC’s advocacy efforts to support widespread adoption of open access to scholarly research.
  • Stephen Friend is the founder and president of Sage, a not-for-profit medical research organization designed to revolutionize how researchers approach the complexity of human biological information and the treatment of disease.
  • Peter Binfield is the Publisher of the online academic journal PLoS ONE, one of seven titles from the not-for-profit publisher, the Public Library of Science (PLoS). He is a respected innovator and analyst in the fields of scholarly publishing (both Open Access and mainstream/subscription), and scientific communication, and has been with PLoS since March 2008.
  • John Wilbanks is the VP of Science Commons. John and the Science Commons team help people and organizations from every part of the scientific ecosystem lift legal and technical barriers to research and discovery.