Is This the Tripod for Your Gadgets?

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There are times you need a tripod. However, if your device doesn’t have a tripod mount (say, a small gadget – like a phone), you might think about clipping ‘er into a Versihold. Yes, it’s quite versatile. Or, should I say: versitile? WARNING: not designed to grip babies or kittens.

The Versihold Personal Media Stand works perfectly for things such as the iPhone or iPod, a Blackberry or even a Zune. The Versihold is easy to use, and allows adjustment of your device to the perfect viewing preference.

The stand has a very wide grip, to accommodate your device, no matter the size. You can use these to play games or watch videos during a flight, or while riding on the bus. Imei even used it in her dance studio while she was working. She turned her Ustream account on, and used the stand to hold her phone while broadcasting her session.

Imei feels this stand is the perfect solution, and has an unlimited number of uses. It’s seriously versatile, and very inexpensive.

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