iPhone to Verizon? Not Anytime Soon

I recently had an excellent conversation on Google Buzz with several people. I opened the convo, and the commentary was so thought-provoking, I wanted to share it here with you. You can also head over to read the post for yourself.

Ever since the iPhone came out, some AT&T customers have been complaining about their overwhelmed network. The network just hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand. However, AT&T says they are improving things. I believe they really are. Still there are many people with wireless contracts that have expired, and are waiting for iPhone to come to Verizon before signing a 2 year contract again.

Sorry folks! An iPhone move to Verizon is not gonna happen this year. Apple is committed to AT&T even though they may not be happy with the performance of the network. In a year, AT&T’s network will probably improve dramatically, leaving no reason for Apple to leave a deal that bring exclusivity to the iPhone and keeps prices for the device higher.

Christopher Barry Bellis – Good to hear your optimism Chris. How do you feel about Google’s Nexus One as an iPhone killer? Due to my poor service from AT&T on my 3G (not 3GS), I’m strongly considering the Nexus One when it becomes available for Verizon… Thoughts?

Bakari Cooper – Last week I thought of buying a 4G iphone for a $1,000(When it comes out). I wish the iPhone would leave AT&T. News like this discourages me.

Toby Satterthwaite – That’s sad to hear! I think that if the iPhone were to come to the Verizon network, Apple would really see a boost of sales. I’m sure that AT&T is keeping thousands away from the iPhone.

Bryan Crisler – Even Better yet, iPhone should be release to all carriers, and we can see who everyone will pick as their service provider.

Bakari Cooper – Good idea Bryan

Timothy Lyon – “I’m sure that AT&T is keeping thousands away from the iPhone.” I’d think it would be more in the millions range than the thousands.

Bryan Crisler – If the iPhone is a good thing, why only have rights to one service provider?

Michael Davis – It’s not as simple as “releasing to all carriers”. Verizon operates on a somewhat different tower type (CDMA) than the majority of carriers worldwide (who operate GSM). So, to provide for Verizon, they’d have to manufacture a special, CDMA only, version of the phone. Supporting CDMA wouldn’t grab them that may carriers (and therefore customers) versus the added manufacturing and support costs. Not to mention all of their current US promotions list AT&T all over them and they’ve been branded together since launch. So, as Chris says, it’s not likely.

Miikka Skaffari – Why not have it open and working in all networks? I understand the initial exclusivity in exchange for marketing effort, but I doubt it’s in Apples interest to have it exclusive to any network. I understand the GSM/CDMA difference, but with the margins Apple is pulling from iPhone they could easily afford to lisence CDMA chips/SW from Qualcomm.

Ahron Darnell – Consider Android

Brian Johnson – As a Droid owner and all around Android supporter, I personally find this as good news. I want to see Android adoption increase, and don’t think that would happen if the iPhone came to VZW.

Bryan Crisler – I think that if Google can do it, releasing it to CDMA and GSM Networks, what is stopping Apple? As far as I can tell Apple has brought a lot of customers to AT&T, but many of those customers are unhappy with the service that AT&T provides. Many would like to goto Verizon. Aside from Manufacturing costs, why not release it? Many people would buy it.

Andrew Rowland – I think the Google phone is similar to FireFox and what it did to IE. It won’t take over but will make Apple adapt.