What Does the Community Want From Video?

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I record videos for YouTube – and other outlets – on our live stream. I’ve been doing this for awhile now. Since I was using standard definition in the past, I could only eke out a few frames per second. This is nowhere near what I can do with these HD videos in 720p. I got an email the other day from Acer_Lover, asking if I could go back to recording videos through the live stream camera again.

I’m throwing this out to all of YOU. Even though it’s not HD recording… the frame rate is jerky… and the quality isn’t as good… would you rather see us recording videos the old way? Chat would once again be integrated into the video stream, and the angle would go back to where it was.

Or, do you prefer the better quality of the HD videos? What do you think? Should I stick with this current format (HD)?

Most of my videos in my YouTube account were done the old way, absolutely. I thought it would be better if I switched to recording in HD, to up the quality.

Perhaps I chose unwisely? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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