MySpace Tom is Not Your Friend

Back in the “old days”, MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson was the first friend that anyone had when joining MySpace. As the site underwent many changes over the past few years, Tom’s role has continued to decrease. Nine months ago, much of the founding team were released from their positions. Tom, however, was kept on the payroll. His role as President was taken away, though, and given to Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn. Tom’s role seemed to be that of morale officer, or even mascot. That is apparently changing now, as well.

If you take a look, Tom hasn’t even signed in to MySpace since the end of January. The last time he posted a status update was on Christmas Day, 2009. Does this mean he’s on the way out? Not in and of itself, it doesn’t. More compelling evidence, though, is the fact that poor Tom is no longer the first friend a new user to the site will receive. That dubious honor now belongs to the MySpace Today account.

You’re probably sitting there laughing right about now, aren’t you? After all, any good geek knows that MySpace has been on the way out for a very long time. We’ve adopted much better social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. How many of you even still have MySpace accounts? If you do… when was the last time you actually USED it?

In my opinion, there will need to be one heck of a lot of changes made before MySpace is taken seriously by the community again. It has been ridiculed for far too long, and seems to aim only at teenagers with nothing better to do than redecorate their “Space”, or get into e-Fights with each other. That’s all I tend to see when I visit the site, anyway.

What are your thoughts? What could the MySpace team possibly do to entice you to want to start using the site more often? Is it possible for them to climb out of the hole they’ve fallen in to?