10 Consumer Electronic Devices the iPad Replaces

Sure, the hardware listed here won’t match the iPad’s specs feature-for-feature, but I believe you’ll get the idea. Think of the following items more as services rather than just physical objects:

  1. Internet-Enabled Digital Picture Frame: $100
  2. Cordless Skype Phone: $80
  3. Basic GPS Hardware: $60
  4. The Kindle: $250
  5. FLO TV: $250
  6. Portable DVD Player with a screen suitable for sharing between two people: $50
  7. PSP Go: $210
  8. Digital Audio Recorder: $40
  9. Multi-Year Pocket Calendar & Address Book: Free

Total? $830. 64GB Wi-Fi/3G iPad? $829.

Being able to experience these functions on a single device and control them with either motion and/or a swipe of your fingers? Priceless.

For 90% of use cases, the first generation iPad (and its array of apps) may supplant a series of consumer electronic devices. Heck, I’ve been waiting for an amazing digital picture frame to come along for years – and may have finally found that in Apple’s new gadget. If you already have a Slingbox (and its app), the iPad’s screen should be a dream with it.

And these are just ten features that the iPad’s platform enables. I can’t imagine what the iPad will be like for parents, being able to replace a series of books and discs and other bits of consumable media in exchange for something that’ll keep even a grown kid happy ad infinitum (er, to infinity and beyond)!

Notice, please, that I did NOT mention “laptop” (or “netbook”) as a potential device to be replaced. This does not imply that iPad software is inferior to software that might run on Windows, OS X, or Linux. It’s just suggesting that… well, you have to stop comparing the iPad to notebook computers, yo.

Perfect? No. You don’t want one? Cool. Don’t buy one, then.

For the rest of us, there’s iPad.

Know of other devices / services the iPad will replace? Leave a comment and I’ll update the post with additional math: