Pants on the Ground Song (from American Idol)

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Pants on the Ground!!!! Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!!!!

If you aren’t walking around singing this, I have a feeling you soon will be. This catchy (and hilarious!) song was sung on American Idol tonight, by General Larry Platt. This 62-year-old gentleman may very well have earned a place in history with this self-written tune of his! Sadly, he’s too old to make it to Hollywood. Perhaps we’ll see him on the finale this summer!

I couldn’t resist. I admit that I love the song already as well. Who wouldn’t? It’s funny, it’s catchy… and the dude has a point! You really should invest in a belt, dude!

My iPhone friend Talking Carl helped me along the way. He’s available in the App Store… and yes, he really will repeat anything you say!

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