Security Camera Systems for Home

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The Vue is a wireless camera connected to my home network, thanks to the base station. The kit includes a base station and two wireless cameras. If you’re looking to add something like this to your home network, this is about easy as it gets. This was sent to me as a review unit, but I asked them how much it is for me to KEEP it. That’s how well this works!!

Essentially what I have is a personal video security network. Set up the base station, press a button on the cameras, and you’ve got the ability to see what’s going on inside your home. You can check this feed out from anywhere you are in the world, because the video can be accessed from anywhere. You can easily position Vue cameras anywhere with peel and stick magnetic mounts!

You can even share your feed if you like, by using your my.VueZone account. When you purchase the camera system, you’ll get 2 GB of storage and your first year FREE! You can even keep connecting devices to your base station… buy as many as you like, and add them anywhere in your home.

I asked the people at Avaak if there will be an iPhone App at any point, so that I can access my feeds on the go. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I’m still holding on to hope! Having the ability to keep an eye on my home from anywhere in the world using my mobile device would be the ultimate icing on the proverbial cake.

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