What are Your Greatest Accomplishments?

Reading threads on Geeks a little while ago, one headline in particular jumped out at me. The poster asks: What are your greatest accomplishments in life?. Even if you feel you have gone “nowhere” in life, the fact remains that you still have things to be proud of. So what if you haven’t reached all of your goals yet? The point is that if you really look at yourself and your past, you will indeed find many things to be proud of.

I’m interested in hearing your stories. Did you ace a test you thought for sure you would bomb? Did you win a scholarship that you had prayed for? Did your website or business garner more attention than you dreamed it could? It doesn’t matter how “small” an accomplishment may seem to you, the fact is that it is still something you should gloat about! So go ahead – share it with all of us!

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2 thoughts on “What are Your Greatest Accomplishments?”

  1. Chris, as an old turkey who has sons older than you I have had a few accomplishments. My biggest:
    I had the rescue boat for Northern Calif. power boat racing for 25 years. I would pick the drivers out of the water after accidents. Over the years I picked up guys with minor to major injuries. Even though I stopped almost 15 years ago I remember some of the accidents. I can honestly say I saved lives.

  2. My biggest accomplishment so far was when I (and a bit of help from googleing everything up) fixed a small bug in my laptop where it didn’t detect its built in cd/dvd drive. It may not be as glorious as everyone else’s greatest accomplishments, but maybe this is the start of something really big. :{D

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