What Did You Get for the Holidays?

I’m curious to know what you got for Christmas! Did Santa bring you everything you asked him for? Were you happily surprised by anything? What pieces of technology were you ecstatic to open this year, or find in your stocking?

Everyone in our community is abuzz with glee over gifts they received. Some were luckier than others, I’m sure. But all in all, everyone seems to be quite pleased with their holiday goodies! How about you?

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17 thoughts on “What Did You Get for the Holidays?”

  1. I got some Star Wars action figures for my collection and comic books. I was also delighted to get some pretty accessories for my computer, like a nice new keyboard and speakers. All I need now is my second monitor and the TIE fighter webcam and I’ll be all set when TOR comes out…

  2. I got a black 16GB 5G iPod Nano, a Wacom Bamboo Touch, cool LED light-up speakers, and a Belkin power strip w/2 USB ports.

  3. Never too old for Christmas presents. I and my wife Anna moved from Florida to Indiana, to be close to relatives. Note that I am 74 years old. We both were very surprised to receive a Wii and a extra controler. It is an addition the whole family will enjoy. Thanks to Diana and Ric, and Michelle and Chris , and Ray and Carol for the gift.
    I wish happiness, health and all good things to geeks everywhere for the new year. Hank Murphy

  4. Nothing. Christmas gifts are for kids. When older people fall for the “gift thing” at Christmas they are getting away from the real meaning of the holiday and falling for the commercial spin. Business now tries to commercialize all the major holidays.
    This is not “bah! humbug”, it is just refusing to make commercial business successful at the expense of an event meant to spread peace and joy to all. If someone wants to give another person a gift in appreciation of their love or friendship, they do not need a commercial holiday to do it.

  5. Well, I had a wonderful Christmas. I got a new 20″ Acer monitor, New Nvidia 9600 GSO graphics card, New Skull candy head phones, and had $90 in Christmas money and bought a new printer, the HP Photo Smart printer:)) I was surprised with the graphics card:)

  6. I got windows 7 home premium, AMD phenom 2 x2 550 Black edition Processor 3.11Ghz.. Arctic Cooling Freezer64 Pro CPU cooler. The cooler master Storm SCOUT computer case. And the gift ive wanted for years a digital photo frame 🙂

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