Knife Safety

Knife Safety

Seconds after slicing my fingertip, I snapped this shot over the sink. Yeah, it hurt – a lot. I’m better now, though. It looks worse than it actually was, mind you.

  1. Always cut away from yourself. I forgot to follow this rule.
  2. Always make sure your blades are sharp. I remembered to follow this rule.
  3. Always have a firm grip on the handle. I remembered to follow this rule, too.

Moments after washing up, placing gauze over the wound, and applying pressure, I poised my hand above my head (heart) and paced a bit. I started to feel faint, went to lay down, and phoned 911. When the operator transferred me to the local respondents, she stated: “I have someone on the line who has cut off the tip of his finger.” I had to interject, laughing – “I just cut off the SKIN on the tip of my finger. I don’t want to pass out and start gushing blood all over the place.”

When the fire department crew arrived (four of ’em strong), I greeted them at the front door and offered beverages and snacks. They took one look at the finger in question and placed a band-aid over it. Of course, within seconds, the bandage was soaked (since I was still bleeding rather profusely). They bandaged it tighter with gauze and tape, and I pressed against the wound continuously for the next few hours.

It’s been a couple of days since the accident and I’m still oozing a little (which Imei says is normal – and she’s a nurse, so she’d know). The good news is that I haven’t been traumatized to the point where I’m avoiding sharp instruments – I’m just being hella more careful with them!

10 thoughts on “Knife Safety”

  1. ooooh god. *Barf*
    I’m sorry bout your finger 🙁 did you find the other piece?? And dare i ask what you were cutting? My dad looked away while cutting a tomato once, same thing happened to his thumb. Oh the things we put out digits through.

  2. not quite as bad as what my mum managed with a double bladed electric knife, as it fell of the table she… went to catch it…… yeh I still laugh at her for that one, and we had to get her to the hospital for stitches

  3. Ooooh Yikkkkes!!! I feel wooozy just looking at that. Yep. I agree, I would stick to making popcorn from now on LOL!!! And if you desperately need to use sharp instruments, don’t forget to curl your fingers inwards, away from the knife. Oh! and p.s. find yourself a wife, for the life threatening chopping business :)))

  4. Hey Chris, don’t forget to mention one my favorite products, human glue (the one you bought, “NuSkin”). Used that stuff on patients who didn’t need sutures OR needed to be temporarily patched so we could send them off to a proper ER for minor surgery. I got to glue someone’s ear together once; someone had shot a nail gun through his ear, severing the base from his head. Held the two pieces together until the glue congealed and formed a really nice seal. Your finger is a snap (no pun intended). ~Imei

  5. Whew….coulda been worse – coulda been me! Now all they gotta do is stash all the matches outta your reach. Merry Christmas.

  6. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. I did the same thing to the exact same finger a couple of years ago. It’s still a little numb. And don’ ask how (Homer Simpson would have avoided it!).

    What I don’t understand is, unless you were home completely alone or with small children, why call 911? I shielded the nastiness from my then 7yo girl and had my wife drive me to urgent care.

    Of course if you had become dizzy from looking at the blood (some of my toughest friends do, your not a wimp) then calling 911 would be understandable.

  7. i just sliced the tip of my thumb off this past friday, like i have a flat thumb, alot worse than urs was, but i do wanna know why i cant feel it now, like i should be in really bad pain from slicing so much off.. its weird

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