How to Make a Mac Dashboard Widget

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If you’re a Mac user, you may want to place a personal Dashboard Widget. In this screencast, Alex is going to show you how quick and easy it is to do this! Don’t forget that you can submit your screencast for possible promotion on our channels.

The first step in developing your personal Dashboard blog widget. You need to have the SDK downloaded and installed on your computer. It won’t cost you anything to register so that you can download what you need.

Once you’ve done this, open Dashcode, which was included in the iPhone SDK. You’ll be greeted with an untitled sheet, as well as a template chooser. On the left, select Dashboard Widget, and RSS on the right side, and then click “Choose”. Your basic widget template will now be ready.

In this case, my blog was used to create a widget. The first step was to set the attributes, and going into the RSS properties. My FeedBurner feed link was pasted here under “Feed URL and Properties”. Under “Show Articles”, five was selected. You can change this to display however many you wish to see.

Now, go back to the front and apply some styling. Rename your widget to whatever it is you want. Apply simple styling, such as your own personal color scheme. You can include an avatar, such as Alex did with my Twitter avatar.

You can also customize the back of the widget to your liking!

Thanks, Alex, for an excellent tutorial. It’s clear and concise, and very easy to follow along with!

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