eStarling Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame Review

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I’ve had a couple of eStarling digital frames in the past, and been very happy with them. When the folks at eStarling sent me their newest product to review, I was more than happy to take a look – especially since it features a touchscreen! The frame also boasts 802.n networking capability, and automatic firmware updates.

The eStarling TouchConnect Digital Photo frame has a 10.2″ LCD screen, which allows you to see your pictures with nice clarity. There is 2GB of built-in Flash memory, with the ability to add an external SD memory card for more storage. Using the touchscreen, you can quickly set up wireless connection and passwords.

Probably the coolest part of this frame is the social aspect. Yes, you can pull in photos from places such as Flickr, Facebook and Picasa – much like with other similar frames. However, with the TouchConnect, you can grab photos right from within your Gmail.

Provide the credentials of any Gmail account that you choose, and let the TouchConnect do the rest. Forward your photos to that email account, and they’ll show up in your picture frame. Likewise, you can email the photos from your cellphone directly to the frame, as well!

Also, subscribe to any photo RSS feed that interests you, and those pictures will automagically show up on the TouchConnect, as well. Send the RSS feed in question to the Gmail account that you set up with the frame, and they will be fed directly onto the screen.

I have to thank the folks at eStarling again for sending this to me to take a look at. I’ll go a step further than just reviewing it – I’ll be keeping this little gadget right on my desk here in my home office.

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6 thoughts on “eStarling Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame Review”

  1. WHAT IS THIS GOING TO DO TO CHUMBY? They better get to work. My Chumby is still in the box…hidden away by my wife for a Christmas gift…and now I see all the things this frame can do. Chumby better get to work: big screen version….Chumby approved frames….”powered by Chumby”…etc. etc. Great work CP, as always.

  2. That is totaly cool!!! But I think I will wait untill the price comes down, but if I had the money I would buy it right now.

  3. Hey Chris, I saw you link to Amazon but I just bought my eStarling frame direct from their Website and it was only $199.99 and has free shipping. Always nice to save 50 bucks. Thanks for this unboxing, totally cool product!

  4. Well, it’s really good to know that eStarling Digital Photo frame has 10.2 LCD screen. And it’s extremely looking much bigger. And the regarding features are also looking just most promising. I am highly impressed to see this one. Thanks for sharing.

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