What are Your Pet Peeves?

You already know that one of my biggest pet peeves is to see people using simple words incorrectly. It drives me batshit to see someone use your and you’re interchangeably. Hello! They are not the same word! Are people seriously not learning these things in school, or are they too lazy to type/spell the words correctly?! It makes me want to tear my hair out.

I have a lot of pet peeves, I admit it. I freak out if I see someone using those yellow Post-It notes thingies. I hate those!! I could sit here all night talking about things that drive me nuts, but that’s not the point of my post! I want to know what makes YOU crazy? What little things make you want to run and scream?!

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17 thoughts on “What are Your Pet Peeves?”

  1. The one that drives me bonkers is the case of people who put a coat or briefcase on the seat next to them blocking a crowded theater or auditorium. It’s not even that they are saving a seat (that is understandable). It’s just that they don’t want to consider the fact that someone else may need to find a seat. Inconsiderate bastards! Aargh!

    And I know I’ll have sympathizers with this one: the person on a bus or van yelling into his or her cell phone. Cell phones on public transportation should be banned.

    And while I use cell phones a lot in the car, this practice, too, should be outlawed. It’s hazardous. Every time you look down to put in your voicemail password, you are endangering your life and those around you. You’ve no doubt seen people run stop signs, almost run into you or someone else while fiddling with their phone. DANGEROUS!

  2. Improper use of the English language so rampant with all the so called modern technologies. Look at text messaging, because of the difficulty of using a 10 digit keyboard a whole system of cryptic words.
    Many younger members of our society can barely speak the English language to be properly understood, how do you expect them to properly write it.

    My real pet peeve is how many people cannot do simple math. I am in a store and purchase something, say for $10.56. I pull out a $20.00 and the teller keys 2000 into the register. I don’t want all that change so I fish out two quarters and a dime. Most tellers I run into cannot do the simple math to give me the right change. You should not get past grade 4 if you cannot do “simple” math. “Are people seriously not learning these things in school”.

  3. I LOVE Post-Its – couldn’t live without them, but I’m with you on grammar. Wrong usage drives me nuts.

    Your and you’re, as you note, are common.

    Very few people know the differences among peek, peak and pique. (Or between among and between.)

    And more than I would have guessed do not have a firm grasp of then and than.

    But the one that most drives me around the bend is less and few or fewer. Every – and I do mean every – television commercial or food package that is meant to declare that the product is low calorie always – ALWAYS – says or prints “less calories” instead of “fewer calories.” Is there not a single person in advertising and marketing who passed grade school grammar?

    Of course, there are many more, but these are my big-time complaints.

    Thanks, Chris. Good to get all that off my chest.

  4. I know exactly what you mean, and I find it heart breaking, and annoying when an individual I encounter can’t string a proper sentence together. Let alone, when they can’t tell the difference between: Your, You’re, There, Their or They’re. I would be the first to admit, when I was learning these words, I had a hard time remembering which ones went where. Being the mild perfectionist that I am, I naturally want my words to as perfect as I can make them. So I taught my self the difference by using a few little tricks, there they are:

    Your is to possession because the word ends with “our” where as in You’re, the apostrophe takes place of the space, and the “A” in “You are”.

    For, There, Their, and They’re, it was a little more difficult to come up with something, but I came up with this:

    For There: If it’s not here, its there.
    For Their: The “I” in the middle indicates me, therefore, this “their” refers to possession.
    For They’re: the apostrophe take the place of space and the “A” in “They are”.

    I hope this helps you all keep it all clear. It’s helped me keep them straight for a long time.

  5. 1. Bad driving
    2. Continuously making the same mistake over and over again
    3. Playing the victim
    4. Bad table manners
    5. Waste-of-time meetings

  6. I think that some people are just too lazy to type things like “your” and “you’re” correctly. And I agree, it is quite annoying. What makes me really sad is when I see it on written paper (yes, I’ve seen people who write like this before)!

    A pet peeve of mine is random noises people make when I’m trying to work. I’m in high school, and during some of my classes when I want to concentrate, someone either starts drumming on their desk, tapping their pen, or making mouth-popping noises. It annoys me to no end, even if I’m not working. Sometimes it’s worse than people talking in class.

    A huge pet peeve I have is people spitting in public. If you build up too much saliva in your mouth, swallow it! But don’t go spitting in random places. IMO, it’s unsanitary and disgusting! We are not llamas! I sometimes get grossed out when people spit in public near me, like at bus stops, and especially in the hallways at school (I think it’s worse when people do it indoors).

  7. My biggest one is when people use mac vs. pc when referring to buying a new computer. People think a pc is only a windows based computer, when in actuality it’s a Linux or apple based computer. If they use it for their own personal use then it’s a personal computer. It drives me insane.

  8. Pet peeves? I’m with you, Chris, on the grammar stuff. Fingernails on the blackboard issues include people who say “anxious” when they mean “eager”‘ “I’m anxious to get a pay raise.” Really? Then don’t accept it! And people who insist on exhibiting false modesty by refusing to capitalize “I.” Doing so just screams, “Look at me! I’m modest!” And misspellings in print drive me up the wall. For several years I walked by a sign outside the Harvard Coop (the bookstore at HARVARD UNIVERSITY) advertising the “Encyclopedia Brittanica.” One day I reached the breaking point and went inside and told them that it was spelled “Britannica.” The sign was fixed the next day. And finally (I’m getting a bit apoplectic), signs that advertise something for sale at .99¢ [cents]. I hate having to overpay them by giving them a whole penny.

  9. “Alright” is always wrong.

    “Myself” is always wrong in a collective. People who say Jack and myself don’t know whether “I” or “me” is correct in the context, so they drop their 50-50 chance of being right for a 100-0 chance of being wrong. A better bet would be to relearn the use of subjective, objective and reflexive pronouns. “Jack and I went to the store.” “The bus carried Jack and me to the store.” “I hit myself on the head at the store.” If you can’t get these right, just stay home.

    You don’t “step foot in a room,” you “set foot in a room.”

    “Back in the day” is wrong. It’s “back in the old days.”

    Further ranting available on request.

  10. My pet English usage peeve is the work “got”, as in “You’ve got mail”. A simple “You have mail” suffices. If you start listening, this terrible usage appears all the time on TV.

  11. It drives me crazy when people say “I feel badly”. It’s I feel bad but no one seems to know that. It’s in the top 3 grammar errors. If I say “I feel bad”, they think I have it wrong. I wouldn’t correct anyone but a teacher once told her adult son in front of a bunch of us that he was wrong when he said I feel bad. I then said that she had it wrong and he was right. She gave me the adverb lecture and I tried to say it was different when it’s following “feel” but she wouldn’t have any part of it. Then she asked someone who would really know the answer and was told she was wrong….she never told me about it. All my friends still say badly even though they now know it’s wrong. you don’t say I feel madly, sadly, gladly.

  12. Pet Peeve …… search engines; for example, Google, Yahoo, and others, DO NOT display the search results sorted by the date of publishing/posting. If I am looking for something I want to be able to review the most recent posts first rather having trying to go through 2 million plus hits. Likewise, search engines apparently do not either have an option to sort by date or do not have this “sort by date” as a defaulted option.

  13. When Chris sits with his back to a well lit window while streaming his videos and the camera compensates for it and makes him a undistinguishable black blob.

    When latest tech news, like subjects about Win7 or the best hardware as two examples, are video streamed instead of being in written format. It is just as interesting for a person with low bandwidths, but unusable.

    Thirdly, people whining about my bad English spelling and grammar. This is by the way my fourth language and I would like to see these whiners write something in German or Afrikaans.

  14. I have learned that all humans are different and we need to work towards getting along. I have learned that each of us is sent down by Father God to learn a different lesson. However, I do have three major pet peeves

    1) Evangelicals want the same things in life as the Taliban and Al Qaida have similar goals in life, and that is to force everyone to believe in their way of beliefs.

    2) My major pet peeve is my brothers wife! She hates me and I hate her, and she has denied my any access to my 1.5 yr old nephew!

    3) Stupid people trying to make intelligent decisions for everyone else! Perhaps we should take away there ability to create more stupid people!

  15. I’m right there with you on the “you” and “you’re” shit!!! Especially once I’ve warned them! What’s wrong with those homos? What turns me inside out? A woman who can’t differentiate between there, their, and they’re, then proceeds to tell me I don’t know how to communicate?? Begone, illiterate bitch!

  16. Pet peeves, eh? Hmm..let’s see here.

    -When someone calls your house, and the phone is for someone else, yet they won’t actually tell you. Instead, they’re too lazy to, so they just say “hey” expecting you to know who they are and who they want to talk to.
    -The get ripped in 5 minutes ads that you see everywhere.
    -Fake driver sites..you know, when you’re looking for drivers for a piece of hardware that you have, new or old, and all you get is redirects to several different fake sites? What do these sites even exist for? Pissing people off I guess.

  17. I hate it when I’m in the middle of an exam and someone has a pencil that keeps sqeaking and scratching. I can hear it and I’m on the other side of the room so I know damn well that you can hear it too. So take your stupid pencil twist it just a little bit and let me take this stupid test in silence. Thank you.

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