What Toy Would You Want for Christmas?

I admitted in a video earlier today that I still enjoy playing with LEGO Bricks. I also apparently still like the Lite Brite!

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally letting your inner child come out to play when you’re a grown-up. I personally think it can help keep you sane and stress-free if you let your hair down once in awhile, and take the time to remember what it’s like to play. What do you do during occasions like these? Do you indulge yourself with crayons? Do you prefer to duke it out with action figures?

What toys do your inner child still love to play with?

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10 thoughts on “What Toy Would You Want for Christmas?”

  1. Nothing wrong with acting like a kid again. If I could have a toy this Christmas I would go for a Mr. Potato head. Many memories about playing with those things as a kid, always ending up with weird facial combinations!

  2. I would love a cool remote control car, like a corvette so it can do donuts in my driveway. I saw something like that at Toys R Us the other day when I was shopping . I miss that….

  3. My toy of choice will be a remote control car (or remote anything for a matter of fact), along with the Little Mermaid and Lion KIng on DVD.

    I buy toys now, bought a bubble blower that worked with batteries over the summer but my excuse was it’s for my dog.

  4. I would like the lego bag becuase my son plays with them.He has over 500 people!He would love some more for his collection.One more thing.What legos are they?


  5. I asked my parents for a handheld hoover for xmas today!

    You know you’re getting older when a hoover is on your wish list!! haha


  6. Gilbert Erector-Set

    If you don’t know about it, rent/watch “The Man Who Saved Christmas” with Jason Alexander (Steinfeld)

    Got a basic set when I was 8. Got extra additional pieces for birthdays, etc til I was 11. I still have it all. Still fool with it now and then – w my grandkids ( I’m 63 ).

    Quality toys that make one ‘think’ never go out of style.

    I would mention that I excelled in engineering in college. I feel I owe a lot to my ability, to see in my mind what a completed subject would be when presented with a rough sketch or description, and that this talent came from building things that weren’t in the Gilbert book for no other reason than the fact that I could.

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